My friend asked me last week. “What is your next year’s goal?”

She asked me the same question about a years ago. 🙂
I said, ” I want to open the Etsy shop.”
I put some button magnets… But

This year I said, ” I want to publish a book.”

When I was an elementary school kid, I belong to a picture book club.
Make a story and illustrate.

When I lived in Japan, I bought about 30 Mother Goose books.
It was over $1000. But, I bought it. It was beautiful.
I found the book this link.

I already made some books.

She said, ” You need a plan.It has to be a really really good.”
I said, ” I don’t know how can I reach the goal.”
She said, ” Your goal is to publish the book.You can copy it and send it to the publisher.”

Around 2002-2004 I did.Recently I haven’t tried it.
Now I can see what I need to do.

I saw this sky the night.


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