I went to LA to help my friend.

I answered my friend’s question.
I will rethink about my books and research the publishers in January.
I will start to send a copy of the books and send it to publishers in February.

She said, ” That’s a good plan.” 🙂





My friend asked me last week. “What is your next year’s goal?”

She asked me the same question about a years ago. 🙂
I said, ” I want to open the Etsy shop.”
I put some button magnets… But

This year I said, ” I want to publish a book.”

When I was an elementary school kid, I belong to a picture book club.
Make a story and illustrate.

When I lived in Japan, I bought about 30 Mother Goose books.
It was over $1000. But, I bought it. It was beautiful.
I found the book this link.

I already made some books.

She said, ” You need a plan.It has to be a really really good.”
I said, ” I don’t know how can I reach the goal.”
She said, ” Your goal is to publish the book.You can copy it and send it to the publisher.”

Around 2002-2004 I did.Recently I haven’t tried it.
Now I can see what I need to do.

I saw this sky the night.


I read the book again.
First one I drew cute bunny.
I couldn’t draw mean Hare.
This time I want to draw a mean bunny, but a little bit cute!
How could I draw like that bunny! That’s my next project in this month.

Today my friend came to my house and we did bookbinding together.
She want to make her own picture book. So I showed how I do it.
She gave me a huge  chocolate moose. ^ ^ I ate all!


Here is my final illustration for Mid – Century Masterclass.
The class was impressive. They provide so many useful resources.
It is so helpful. I am happy about my final.
I ordered many old golden books so I will keep study.
Thank you Dustion Lee and Brad Woodered.

Mock-up by Bill Akunevicz J

One of my goals is to draw a retro style picture book.
This class helped me a lot! I just started to understand mid-century illustration. I will keep trying