When I was kid, I liked the craft.
I was working as an Aide at Children’s center from 2001. All the teachers and staff were very kind to me. I was shy and didn’t have self-confident. But the teacher said ” We love you” and ” We need you” That made me so happy.
2002, I had a homework to illustrate children’s song.
People liked it. It changed my life. I thought I want to be an illustrator for children’s book. I took art classes. I self-published my picture book in 2010.
I started to send illustrations to hospital from 2008 till now.
My father was in the hospital. So I wanted to cheer him up.
I wanted to cheer people who patient, patient’s family, staffs, and visitor, too
I started as a volunteer at Huntington Beach Art Center from 2010-2017
My friend asked me to join the CRAFTED PORT OF LA in 2012.
It’s an open weekend. Many handmade artists sell a handmade product.
I sold a stuffed animal, card, keychains, picture book, bag, and illustration.
I was trying to make cute things at that time. We did for a year and quit. It was a サイトを表示good experience. I could see the people’s smile. It made me happy. Around that time I had a chance work with Japanese people. I do appreciate that.
I started work from 2013. It was not related to art.
I wanted to make a good magnet. So I was kept buy the magnet material and tried. I quit work 2017. I was watching YouTube then I found the online class called Skillshare. I loved to watch. There is all answer to my question.
The teacher encourages and staffs are super supportive. I made a class in April.
It was harder than I thought. But I could finish because of someone looking forward to it. I hope this time I can make a better class.
I also need to mention Dustin of RetroSupplyCo.
My illustration was too simple and boring. So I wanted to change.
When I was watching the Skillshare’s class, I found this company.
Dustin gave me a courage to start this blog.
Skillshare and RetroSupplyCo were my motivation right now.
The problem is I am not good at explaining.


People Extra Audrey Hepburn

I used PhotoBaker for retro look.

I love movies from late 1930 to late 1960.
My favorite actors are Fred Astaire and Gene Kelly.
Actress are Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly,  Ingrid Bergman, Judy Garland,
Julie Andrews, Ginger Rogers, Rita Hayworth.

My fair Lady, The Wizard of Oz, Follow the Fleet, High Society,
Singing In The Rain, Cover Girl, Mary Poppins and Bewitched.





I love blue color. Of course I love glass bottle,too.
This one is only for display own my shelf…

I love blue and silver color. I love glass that’s why I named
All words are so difficult to pronounce!